About Guide Strats

Guide Strats is a digital-first video game strategy guide website that first launched in October 2022.

We create detailed strategy guides, wiki pages, and walkthroughs for a variety of games, and we’re always putting out new content.

Our Mission & Values

Our primary goal can be summarized quite easily:

We want to create video game guides that legitimately provide answers that players are looking for.

We’re tired of seeing so many gaming blogs that ramble endlessly with fluffy introductions that don’t say anything useful. Then you’re stuck scrolling just to maybe find the answer at the bottom of an article… who wants that?

There’s a reason why so many people are adding the phrase “reddit” to the end of their Google searches.

We’d like our content to be the antithesis of those generic fluffy blogs. Guide Strats is not even a blog – we’re a digital-first strategy guide + a wiki combined. We’re a digital library of boutique custom-made video game guides, wikis, and database pages.

Our mission is to make Guide Strats into one of the easiest sites to browse for walkthroughs & game guide information. We’d like to provide a simple-to-navigate interface, easy-to-read content, and accurate information for every guide we publish.

We’re also only human, so of course we can’t bat a thousand for every video game that we cover.

But ideally? That’s our goal – we want all of our content to be genuinely useful to players, and to the internet as a whole.

How We Produce Content

Our content system focuses on games first.

This means we plan our content strategy on a game-by-game basis, specifically considering which games our writers have the most knowledge in, and also considering how we could best organize a game guide around any particular video game.

Once we’ve identified the games we want to create guides for, then we organize a large spreadsheet of every relevant guide, walkthrough, and topic that could be useful to players. And we work through our spreadsheets one topic at a time.

This means it can take a while for us to complete a full strategy guide for any given video game. Because we might have hundreds of pages to create for a single game.

But rest assured that we never want to leave any video game guide incomplete. So if you see any pages missing from our strategy guides, it’s very likely that we are working to get them created as soon as possible.

Why We Exist

We exist because most gamers don’t really use paperback strategy guides anymore. In fact, many people don’t even buy physical games anymore.

We want to fill a void by creating:

#1: Comprehensive digital strategy guides with full walkthroughs & detailed step-by-step info, that way players don’t need to spend time scrubbing through YouTube videos.

#2: Walkthroughs & guides for less-popular games.

As long as we can deliver content that fits our mission & content goals, then we know we’re on the right track.

Ownership Details

Guide Strats is owned & operated by Dashing Media. You can learn more about us on our ownership page.

We also produce case studies and unique data related to the gaming industry on our company blog.